Thursday, February 7, 2019

Easy Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is only ONE week away and time is running out! Do you need help looking for an easy, last minute Valentine's Day Gift!? I've got you covered! Below are 14 easy Gift Ideas with cute sayings or expressions you can add to a label that will give each gift that perfect finishing touch! 

  • Chocolate Kisses: Fill a mason jar with Hershey Kisses. Make a label that can say "Hugs & Kisses" or "Kisses for when I'm not around"

  • Shoes: Gift you significant other with a new pair of shoes! Create a label that can say "From the day you walked into my life, I've never been happier! Every step with you is the beginning of something amazing!" or "Because you've been Running through my mind since the first day I met you!" 

  • Watch: Find the perfect stylish watch and attach a note saying "Today I have loved you for __ days, and I will love you until the end of time!" 

  • Starbucks or Tim Hortons Gift Card: Is your significant other a coffee lover? Give them a gift card and attach a note saying "I like you a Latte" or "You Mocha me very happy".

  • Beer: Pick up a case of their favourite beer and attach a label saying "Ale always Love You", "Beer Mine" or "Love Brew".

  • Box of Donuts: Inside the lid write a cute saying such as: "I Donut know what I'd do without you", "I Donut know how I got so luck to have you as a friend!" or "Donut forget I Love You!"

  • Nuts: Fill a mason jar with an assortment of their favourite nuts! Be sure to tie on a cute label saying "I'm  totally Nuts about you!"

  • Tea: Pick up a cute mug and various types of tea! Don't forget to attach a cute label or note saying "You're my cup of tea!"

  • Bath Bombs: Bath Bombs make the perfect gift and come in so many fun shapes, smells and sizes! Fill a gift basket with their favourites and add a note saying "Valentine, You're the Bomb!" 

  • Scratch Tickets: Pick up an assortment of scratch tickets or lottery tickets, add a cute note saying "___, I'm so lucky to have a ___ like you!" or "I won the lottery when I met you!"

  • Goodie Bag: Fill a brown paper gift bag with a few of their favourite snacks, gifts, etc. On the front of the bag you can write "Brown Bag tied up with a string ... filled with a few of your favourite things!" Be sure to add pretty pink or red tissue paper to the top!

  • Movie Night In Gift Basket: Fill a basket with their favourite snacks, popcorn and movie! Don't forget to add a cute message saying "Have a Poppin' good Valentine's Day!" or "You make my heart POP!" 

  • Starbursts: Fill a mason jar with Starbursts and add a note saying "Baby you make my heart BURST!" or "Bursting with happiness that you're my friend!"

  • Puzzle: Want to have a relaxing night in? Pick up a puzzle and enjoy each others company! Make sure you tell them you "love them to pieces!" 
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