Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer 2015

I can honestly say that this summer has been the best one yet. Summer 2015 has been filled with memories, experiences and adventures that I will NEVER forget.

My summer started with my family and I heading to beautiful Prince Edward Island to see my brother graduate from college. This moment was special for all of us, as we all knew the hard work and determination Matthew went through to receive his diploma. Very proud big sister moment.

In July I traveled to Maine, New Hampshire and Boston with my cousins (who I consider my sisters) and the trip was a true bonding experience. We saw places of the world we have never been, tried new foods, and literally shopped until we dropped. We have memories that will stay with us forever and resurface every family function and gathering until we die. Alison and Haley, I know you will see this so I would just like to thank you for an amazing trip and who knows, maybe summer 2016 we will conquer new provinces or states!

I had barley finished unpacking from my trip to the States when I was already off on my next adventure. IRELAND for 10 days. A few months ago, one of my good friends moved to Dublin and because I had never been to Europe I decided to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and pay her a visit. Although the trip was filled with delays, missed flights and overall horrible flying experiences, I am forever grateful for Nikki and Tyler and their hospitality.  Ireland was beyond beautiful. Whether I was walking the streets of Dublin or visiting one of the natural wonders of the world (such as the Cliffs of Moher or Giants Causeway), I felt welcomed, at home and truly independent.

After getting over my jet lag and not being home even a week, I was off to Yarmouth, a small town in Nova Scotia to help them open up their new Winners store (TJ Maxx for my American readers). I was able to go with my best friend Courtney and it was one of the best weekends of my summer. I absolutely love Yarmouth as I have a cottage not far and have been going their for the past 21 summers. It always feels like home, the people are beyond friendly, I am able to get out of the big city and I was able to see Courtney's family who I adore and love spending time with.

After being home for only a few days and having time off of work because I put in extra hours when traveling to open the new store, I decided to travel back down to Yarmouth with my cousin Haley and spend some time at my cottage. With no cell reception, TV, or wifi, we are forced outside to truly enjoy nature and do some of our favorite summer past times, four-wheeling, kayaking, swimming and fishing!

This brings me up to now, where I only have a few days left of summer as I start back at University on September 9th. Summer 2015 you have blown all expectations of what a great summer should be and I know next summer will be almost impossible to beat! I have grown so much and I would like to thank you for all of my opportunities, memories and the best four months of my life.

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