Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Farewell Summer 2017

I'm in denial that I am currently writing this post, how can summer possibly be over? I feel as though I blinked and summer disappeared... Now with that being said,  I will be the first to admit that I did not accomplish all of the things on my 'summer to do list', but I did have an amazing summer spent with friends, family, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Over the years I have come to realize that if you ask someone what summer means to them, you may get a variety of answers. Everyone has their own traditions, vacations, memories, etc. I love that a simple season can have such a different meaning to every individual.

As a send off to summer 2017 I thought I would share with you what summer means to me. Enjoy!

Summer Is...

  • Long scenic walks to clear my head.
  • Late night drives with no destination in mind.
  • A visit to Peggy's Cove. Natures beauty only a 20 minute drive from home.
  • Countless hours spent lounging in the pool.
  • Beach days. From anywhere in Nova Scotia you're no more than 67km from a beach.
  • Kayaking around the lake with friends.
  • Road Trips. This summer was to beautiful Prince Edward Island (make sure you check out my travel diary if you haven't already) and Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • Planning a surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary party for my parents. They deserve the world.
  • Campfires with delicious smores.
  • Patio drinks with friends.
  • Laying out under the stars wondering what else is out there?
  • Ice-cream, lots and lots of ice-cream. 
  • Working full time then wondering where all of your money went when it comes time to pay tuition.  (oops!)
  • Visiting my cottage, my all time favourite place in the world. 
  • Blueberry picking.
  • Seeing my cousins almost weekly, they truly are like sisters to me.
  • The freedom to lay in bed all day without having to worry about tests, assignments, etc.
  • Binge watching new shows on Netflix. 
  • Eating vegetables straight from the garden.
  • Driving around jamming to music with your best friend. 

What does summer mean to you? Leave a comment letting me know and maybe it will make an appearance on my Summer 2018 to do list!

Thank you Summer 2017. You won't be forgotten.

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