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GUEST POST: Most Wearable Fall 2017 Trends at a Glance!

Most Wearable Fall 2017 Trends at a Glance!
Fall 2017 collections were full of surprises, and there was something for every girl. While some designers tried to redefine the classics with newer elements, others chose to work with colour palettes and prints in ways that didn’t feel like the “fall”. In this special post, we will talk of the top trends of fall 2017 and how you can get these looks right! 

Velvet for the lady: Velvet is a true fall classic in many ways. It has a soft and feminine appeal that works for varied outfits. Last year, fall collections had a lot of velvet, but mostly in shoes and handbags. In 2017, you will see more of staples, right from dresses to outfits that have a splash of velvet. Top designers and labels like Jason Wu and Jill Stuart worked with velvet in a number of ways, and the colour palette was anything but ordinary. If a full outfit seems too much, you can take a shot at skirts and tops too. 

Say it loud: The world is dealing with a lot of serious concerns, and designers have found the right way to voice their opinions. From Ashish’s amazing focus on feminism to Prabal Gurung’s stunning take on the immigrant problem, there were so many new statements. Basically, you are just saying your mind with a slogan tee. The good thing is you don’t need to spend on expensive outfits. Just check online or get one customized locally. It’s all about being in style, and with a purpose for sure. 

Silver girl: Well, a lot of designers also worked with silvery elements, both for shoes and outfits. These are not metallic, but subtler and wearable. Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors and Genny were some of the names that worked with this trend. You can go for dresses, which can be edgy, but if that seems over the top, you can also choose to go for shoes and handbags too. In short, this trend is not going anywhere in near future. 

I love power: One of the better and wearable trends this season was power suits. If you are someone who moves from one boardroom to another, you need these suits that have a more masculine feel, thanks to broad shoulders. You can get one tailored from a local store or can check online to find other options. Some of the designers/labels you can check for this trend include Calvin Klein and Max Mara. 
It’s important to mention that puffer jackets made a comeback this season, and for those who need something warm for the season, this is the best pick beyond any doubt. 
Hope you had fun with this post. For more on fashion and style, you can follow this amazing blog. Until we meet again, stay in vogue!
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Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert, best recognized as the editor and writer for the House of Elegance Fashion. She is known for her quick fashion takes, which is all about new and trending ideas.

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